Clockinator’s Clown Gymnastics Face

4 Clown Gymnastics Clock Faces

Clown Gymnastics proves that all clowns are not scary. Some bounce around and contort into numerical shapes so that we can enjoy a brightly colored time piece.

4 Clown Gymnastics Clock Faces

And you can’t have happy clowns without clown cars! Keep an eye on the clown car with the yellow bits, it’s the actual seconds indicator, leaping ahead every five seconds, taking a full minute to go back and forth across the screen. The other clown cars just do what clown cars do. Back and forth, with little or no direction.

Clown Car Pace Car

Designed by @hollowheadart in Portland, Oregon, a town nearby to Plaid’s hometown of Boring. More of @hollowheadart’s work can be seen in other Clockinator faces, and on his website at

Clockinator v1.8 with Clown Gymnastics ships worldwide on March 8, 2022.