Clockinator’s Starlight Fairytale Face

4 Starlight Fairytale Clock Faces

Full of whimsy and fun, Starlight Fairytale takes you to a land of magic. The playful numbers evoke the sweet wonder of childhood dreams, where tall towers and mystic stars are all contained within! A new story written in each combination of numbers, Starlight Fairytale has endless tales to share.

4 Starlight Fairytale Clock Faces

This is Clockinator’s first monochromatic clock face. All black and white, all the time. Or if your iDevice is in light mode, I suppose it is all white and black.

Original pen and ink artwork is by @marbirds. See more of her work on her instagram account.

Clockinator v1.8 with Starlight Fairytale ships worldwide on March 8, 2022.