Clockinator’s Happy Monsters Clock Face

4 Happy Monster Clock Faces

Happy Monsters is the clock face that started it all. Clockinator was built from the ground up to bring a smile to your face whenever you have to look at the time, and the Happy Monsters face does just that. With several different versions of each number, you never really know what its going to look like.

4 Happy Monster Clock Faces

Miniature versions of the numbers appear across the bottom of the clock, denoting each second as it passes. Seconds can be turned on by swiping any clock face towards the top, and they can be turned off again by swiping towards the bottom. It’s like you’re making room for them at the bottom of the screen.

Happy Monsters Seconds Crawler

Variations of Happy Monsters were designed and coded by @Pumasalad at Plaid, Inc. The artist of the original set is unknown, commercial rights were purchased from