Princesses, Mermaids and Dragons, oh my!

Let down your hairWe’ve been diligently working on new faces for Clockinator and an update is coming soon. It’s taking a little longer than expected because new features are actually finding their way into the code. So many new features that we’re holding off on all face updates until version 2.0!

We’re adding those things that have been most requested to the app so that it can be more than just a pretty face. A few significant upgrades including better clock face navigation are all on the way.

And about those new faces… already in the can and ready to go are Princesses with rainbows and unicorns, Mermaids and Mermen (along with other noteworthy sea creatures), evidence of Bigfoot, the long-awaited Hypnotron, plus a few others. Some of the new faces are by Koreena, another independent artist that we’ve added to our rosters alongside new stuff from @hollowheadart and @pumasalad. Today we’re working on an infinite number of Dragons

Dragon Worksheet from Sketch

So no worries, things are coming along. Now if we can just get it to stop snowing in April. 🙂