Christmas has arrived on time

Get it? It’s a clock app. “On time.”

Clockinator v. 1.5 is happy to roll out the Christmas faces we’ve designed for the 2021 season! Lots of edible candy, cookies, even gingerbread, are scattered about with a few sprinkles of Victorian era decorations and some oddly shaped Christmas Trees thrown in for good measure.

They say Variety is the Spice of Life, and I’m happy to say it’s certainly spicing up this season.

Spearmint ClockChristmas Tree ClockCandy Cane Clock Face

These clock faces make great additions to your holiday parties. We’ve seen iPads perched on refrigerators, walls, file cabinets and coffee tables making party-goers smile.

Clockinator’s Gingerbread Face

4 Gingerbread Clock Faces

Gingerbread people are invading Clockinator! Cooked to a perfect golden brown, the faces can be shown as Gingerbread Men, Gingerbread Women, or Gingerbread Folk.

4 Gingerbread Clock Faces

Plain Gingerbread people are also available, with less icing and numbers that are slightly larger.

Gingerbread Choices

Designed by @hollowheadart in Portland, Oregon, a town nearby to Plaid’s hometown of Boring. More of @hollowheadart’s work can be seen in other Clockinator faces, and on his website at