Halloween Clockinator

The goblins here at Plaid have been hard at work, getting ready for Halloween, and the results are almost here!

The CreatureNightmare ClockJack Halloween Clock Face

We plan to launch the Halloween Clockinator on October 1. It includes 8 brand new spooky faces and 1 old favorite from the original Clockinator:

The Digits 2 from Halloween Clockinator

  • Jack
  • Día de los Muertos
  • Hands
  • Bones
  • Bats
  • The Creature
  • Thicker than Water
  • Nightmare
  • Tombstones

They have all been created using our clutch of independent artists, along with some specific artificial intelligence. We hope you have as much fun telling the time as we did making it.

Running Skeletons

Don’t let an angry mob with torches and pitchforks catch you unprepared! Run, don’t walk, and put Halloween Clockinator on your iPad stood in the corner, decorate the house, and throw a party. It’s Halloween, y’all.

Angry Mob with Pitchforks and Torches

Welcoming Winter

Here in Boring, Oregon, it’s winter. And what better way to celebrate winter than to curl up in a blanket with a cup of cocoa and stare at a clock that features winter scenes?

Here comes Clockinator v. 1.7 with all the winter you can stand. Whether it’s Snow People in the shape of clock digits, or just finger writing in the snow, Clockinator has you covered. Throw in some dramatic winter scenery and you’ve just about got everything you need.

Four new clock faces are included in this update, more details about each one are available by tapping on the clocks below.

Thumbnail of Clockinator's Winter clock face showing 8:54amThumbnail of Clockinator's Snow People clock face showing 7:26Thumbnail of Clockinator's Henna clock face showing 5:30pmThumbnail of Clockinator's Snow Write clock face showing 2:20

These clock faces will help you smile through the sometimes-tough winter season. But not to worry, Spring is right around the corner…

Clockinator’s Henna Face

4 Henna Clock Faces

Henna has been used since antiquity in ancient Egypt to dye skin, hair and fingernails, as well as fabrics including silk, wool, and leather. And now clocks.

4 Henna Clock Faces

Intricate patterns play out across the clock’s numbers and seconds display in a multitude of colors. Ok, 11 colors. The inspiration for this clock comes from BeLight Software’s Art Text 4 (it’s from the Woodwork collection).

11 color choices are available

Henna was was developed and coded by @Pumasalad for Plaid, Inc.

Christmas has arrived on time

Get it? It’s a clock app. “On time.”

Clockinator v. 1.5 is happy to roll out the Christmas faces we’ve designed for the 2021 season! Lots of edible candy, cookies, even gingerbread, are scattered about with a few sprinkles of Victorian era decorations and some oddly shaped Christmas Trees thrown in for good measure.

They say Variety is the Spice of Life, and I’m happy to say it’s certainly spicing up this season.

Spearmint ClockChristmas Tree ClockCandy Cane Clock Face

These clock faces make great additions to your holiday parties. We’ve seen iPads perched on refrigerators, walls, file cabinets and coffee tables making party-goers smile.

Clockinator’s Christmas Tree Face

4 Christmas Tree Clock Faces

Christmas Trees have been used as a symbol of Christmas since the 16th-century. Now they are used as digits in a clock. This clock!

4 Christmas Tree Clock Faces

Easy to read from across the room, the Christmas Tree clock face has already become a favorite for overnight displays on bedside tables and in hotel rooms.

Christmas Trees was designed by @Pumasalad for Plaid, Inc.

Clockinator’s Candy Cane Clock Face

4 Candy Cane Clock Faces

Candy Canes are all about Christmas! This clock face looks so tasty you’ll be tempted to lick your screen (but please don’t).

4 Candy Cane Clock Faces

The candy cane clocks come in 4 flavors plus one assorted mix where you can see multiple flavors at once.

Choices for the Candy

Candy Canes was designed by @Pumasalad for Plaid, Inc. using BeLight Software’s Art Text 4 app.

Fun with Palettes

With every new clock face comes a new palette. Today I spent most of the day finalizing a few palettes for the upcoming Circus face.

Palettes for the Circus numbers

I found a nice tool to help organize and output the colors I want to use. It’s called Pastel and is available on the macOS App Store. You can read more about it and what it does over there if you are interested in the tools.

After poking at it for a while and getting feedback from people all over the place, these palettes are the ones and the names I finally settled on. A few examples of the actual clock face rendered in the new palettes are shown below:

This is the Wallaby palette.

Circus Face, Wallaby setting

This is the Cowboy Boots palette.

Circus Face, Cowboy Boots setting

This is the Haunted Mansion palette.

Circus Face, Haunted Mansion setting

I expect the full Circus clock face to be released, along with a few seasonal goodies, around the beginning of October.

Clockinator’s Subway Signs Clock Face

4 Subway Signs Clock Faces

Subway Signs has numbers that blend with the background in either dark mode or light mode. The time can be read with negative space included in each circle. This face is the first to use some new controls in the settings that can be tapped for different colors.

4 Subway Signs Clock Faces

10 basic colors are available, or you can let Clockinator show random combinations.

10 colors to choose from

Keeping with the Subway theme, the seconds hand on this face is a randomized subway car showing people on their way to somewhere. A new piece becomes visible with each passing second.

Subway Passengers

Subway Signs was designed and coded by @Pumasalad for Plaid, Inc.

Clockinator 1.2

Clockinator 1.2 includes a couple of new clock faces, as well as some under-the-hood improvements.

Subway Signs all blue clock face at 4:24Subway Signs multi colored at 3:15

Subway Signs has numbers that blend with the background in either dark mode or light mode. The time can be read with negative space included in each circle. This face also introduces a some new controls in the settings that can be tapped for different colors.

10 colors to choose from

10 basic colors are available, or you can let Clockinator show random combinations.

Cactus Hands clock face at 3:16

Cactus Hands Is a fun way to tell time by counting fingers, IF your fingers were made of cactus and were growing in pots!  It’s also a hint at some other things to come.

You can tell time by counting the fingers on each cactus. Of course, with only five fingers per hand, it can get a little tough to count to 8! So sometimes there will be two hands per digit.

Cactus Hands was created by @hollowheadart, more of his work can be seen at his website http://hollowheadstudio.com

Clockinator’s Balloons Clock Face

4 Balloons Clock Faces

Balloons is so ballooney that you can almost hear the numbers squeak when they they change.

4 Balloons Clock Faces

This is another four layer image, although two of the layers don’t get manipulated by the app. As you would expect, there is a background layer of a big solid color and a foreground layer that has the stars mapped out. The other two layers created the shading effect to give the numbers the 3D look. The original art for these is just black and white, the app applies all of the color.

Balloons Color Choices

Here’re a couple of pro tips: tapping on a color icon more than once reverses the colors of the background and the stars in the image. Tapping on that last icon will select completely random colors for every digit.

Balloons was designed and coded by @Pumasalad for Plaid, Inc.