Clockinator’s Balloons Clock Face

4 Balloons Clock Faces

Balloons is so ballooney that you can almost hear the numbers squeak when they they change.

4 Balloons Clock Faces

This is another four layer image, although two of the layers don’t get manipulated by the app. As you would expect, there is a background layer of a big solid color and a foreground layer that has the stars mapped out. The other two layers created the shading effect to give the numbers the 3D look. The original art for these is just black and white, the app applies all of the color.

Balloons Color Choices

Here’re a couple of pro tips: tapping on a color icon more than once reverses the colors of the background and the stars in the image. Tapping on that last icon will select completely random colors for every digit.

Balloons was designed and coded by @Pumasalad for Plaid, Inc.

Clockinator’s Super Nova Clock Face

4 Super Nova Clock Faces

Super Nova is an experiment in handwriting. We purposfully avoided perfect handwriting to see how well we could implement something readable in the clock.

4 Super Nova Clock Faces

It just stands up and screams for some motion. We’re not saying it’s gonna happen, but we’re not saying it’s not gonna happen, either. Stay tuned and check back for updates.

Super Nova was designed and coded by employees at Plaid, Inc.

Clockinator’s Headlights Clock Face

4 Headlights Clock Faces 

Headlights always reminds me of night time in the city. Maybe it’s because there’d have to be a lot of cars to make that many headlights.

4 Headlights Clock Faces

This is another clock face that really screams to be animated. Who knows, maybe one day.

It was initially created using the “Bokeh” template in BeLight Software’s Art Text 4 app.

Headlights was designed and coded by @Pumasalad for Plaid, Inc.

Clockinator’s Harlequin Clock Face

4 Harlequin Clock Faces

Harlequin uses a fancy font, fancy textures and fancy layering. It should have been called “Fancy,” but what are you going to do?

4 Harlequin Clock Faces

Created with more layers than you would expect, the checkerboard pattern can be changed by the app to random colors, if you get bored with the more standard ones.

Harlequin Seconds Crawler

The seconds indicator is even fancy. Every fifth second is the highlight color, in case you are really trying to count them.

Harlequin was designed and coded by @Pumasalad for Plaid, Inc.

Clockinator’s Vibes Clock Face

4 Vibes Clock Faces  

Vibes is the second face created for Clockinator. With extra bright colors and large numbers, it’s easy to see from across the room.

4 Vibes Clock Faces

Each preset calls to mind a specific color set for specific holidays. Choosing the first one will allow the app to select completely random colors with no restrictions.

It was inspired by one of the “Offset” designs in BeLight Software’s Art Text 4 app. Each number is created in 4 layers: Background, Stripes, Dots, and Outline. This allows the app to assign different colors to each layer at random and gives a unique opportunity to spread the layers out using the slider in the settings.

Assigning Colors to the Vibes

Vibes was designed and coded by @Pumasalad for Plaid, Inc.

Clockinator’s Happy Monsters Clock Face

4 Happy Monster Clock Faces

Happy Monsters is the clock face that started it all. Clockinator was built from the ground up to bring a smile to your face whenever you have to look at the time, and the Happy Monsters face does just that. With several different versions of each number, you never really know what its going to look like.

4 Happy Monster Clock Faces

Miniature versions of the numbers appear across the bottom of the clock, denoting each second as it passes. Seconds can be turned on by swiping any clock face towards the top, and they can be turned off again by swiping towards the bottom. It’s like you’re making room for them at the bottom of the screen.

Happy Monsters Seconds Crawler

Variations of Happy Monsters were designed and coded by @Pumasalad at Plaid, Inc. The artist of the original set is unknown, commercial rights were purchased from