Halloween Clockinator

The goblins here at Plaid have been hard at work!

Jack Clock and Dia de los Muertos Clock

Seeing the time shouldn’t be boring. Make it Spooktacular with Halloween Clockinator!

Hands Clock and Bones Clock

Full-screen numbers are the main characters, with an optional seconds crawler that marches across the bottom of the screen. It’s always easy at a glance to tell what time it is and where you are in this minute.

The Digits 2 from Halloween Clockinator

  • Jack
    Our ultra-friendly carved pumpkin clock.
  • Día de los Muertos
    Celebrate the Day of the Dead in style.
  • Hands
    For counting time on monster fingers. This clock originally appeared in Clockinator 1.0.
  • Bones
    Forget about the future! Throw the Bones to tell the current time…
  • Bats
    Clusters of Bats with an eerie glow to light up the timed sky.

Bats Clock and The Creature Clock

  • The Creature
    We made a Frankenstein clock without using the word “Frankenstein.” How’d that happen?
  • Thicker than Water
    Ewwwww. If drippy red stuff is too graphic, then turn this one blue. Or Green. Or Purple.
  • Nightmare
    Witches Hats, Screaming (cute) Furry Monsters, Patchwork Scars and dungeon walls. Oh, and Ghosts.
  • Tombstones
    And it all ends in the graveyard.

Thicker than Water Clock and Nightmare Clock

They have all been created using our hoard of independent artists, along with some specific artificial intelligence. We hope you have as much fun telling the time as we did making it.

Tombstones Clock and The Creature Settings Clock

Swipe right and left to change the style and colors of Halloween Clockinator’s face. Swipe up and down to show or hide the seconds. Tap once for more settings like the Clock Chooser, 24 hour format, Dim at Night, and to see the on-screen help.

Running Skeletons

Don’t let an angry mob with torches and pitchforks catch you unprepared! Run, don’t walk, and put Halloween Clockinator on your iPad, stand it up in the corner, decorate the house, and throw a party. This Halloween will be anything but Boring…

Angry Mob with Pitchforks and Torches

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