Clockinator 1.2

Clockinator 1.2 includes a couple of new clock faces, as well as some under-the-hood improvements.

Subway Signs all blue clock face at 4:24Subway Signs multi colored at 3:15

Subway Signs has numbers that blend with the background in either dark mode or light mode. The time can be read with negative space included in each circle. This face also introduces a some new controls in the settings that can be tapped for different colors.

10 colors to choose from

10 basic colors are available, or you can let Clockinator show random combinations.

Cactus Hands clock face at 3:16

Cactus Hands Is a fun way to tell time by counting fingers, IF your fingers were made of cactus and were growing in pots!  It’s also a hint at some other things to come.

You can tell time by counting the fingers on each cactus. Of course, with only five fingers per hand, it can get a little tough to count to 8! So sometimes there will be two hands per digit.

Cactus Hands was created by @hollowheadart, more of his work can be seen at his website