Clockinator’s Balloons Clock Face

4 Balloons Clock Faces

Balloons is so ballooney that you can almost hear the numbers squeak when they they change.

4 Balloons Clock Faces

This is another four layer image, although two of the layers don’t get manipulated by the app. As you would expect, there is a background layer of a big solid color and a foreground layer that has the stars mapped out. The other two layers created the shading effect to give the numbers the 3D look. The original art for these is just black and white, the app applies all of the color.

Balloons Color Choices

Here’re a couple of pro tips: tapping on a color icon more than once reverses the colors of the background and the stars in the image. Tapping on that last icon will select completely random colors for every digit.

Balloons was designed and coded by @Pumasalad for Plaid, Inc.