Welcoming Winter

Here in Boring, Oregon, it’s winter. And what better way to celebrate winter than to curl up in a blanket with a cup of cocoa and stare at a clock that features winter scenes?

Here comes Clockinator v. 1.7 with all the winter you can stand. Whether it’s Snow People in the shape of clock digits, or just finger writing in the snow, Clockinator has you covered. Throw in some dramatic winter scenery and you’ve just about got everything you need.

Four new clock faces are included in this update, more details about each one are available by tapping on the clocks below.

Thumbnail of Clockinator's Winter clock face showing 8:54amThumbnail of Clockinator's Snow People clock face showing 7:26Thumbnail of Clockinator's Henna clock face showing 5:30pmThumbnail of Clockinator's Snow Write clock face showing 2:20

These clock faces will help you smile through the sometimes-tough winter season. But not to worry, Spring is right around the corner…

Clockinator’s Winter Face

4 Winter Scene Clock Faces

Winter is here in full bloom and @Dairysam is back with another clock face to help us mark the occasion! Each digit is hand-painted with the natural pigments found in gouache paints!

4 Winter Scene Clock Faces

The Winter season is on full display, whether it’s snow in the forrest or a mug of hot cocoa waiting patiently on the tabletop. Each combination of clock digits tells a different story. Turn the seconds on and you will even see the occasional stag or snow fox in the forrest.

More of their work can be seen at their website http://dairysam.wix.com/portfolio.