Clockinator v1.8 Is Here!

Wow, did February come and go that fast or what? It’s like it was only 28 days long or something.

Here at Plaid we never slowed down even for an instant. Did you know there’s a museum dedicated to Bigfoot in our hometown of Boring? But this is about v1.8. I’ve said too much.

Clockinator v1.8 now has 24 different clock faces, with hundreds of combinations, developed by independent artists from all over the place. The newest faces include dancing clowns in Clown Gymnastics, black and white story telling that is anything but plain in Starlight Fairytale, a trip to the outer limits in our new Space clock face, and we’ve ripped the wallper right off the walls over at gramma’s house in Over the River.

4 Clockinator Faces Released in version 1.8

Clown Gymnastics Clock Face Starlight Fairytale Clock Face Space Clock Face Over the River Clock Face

v1.8 ships worldwide on March 8, 2022. So sit back, enjoy watching the time pass. I can’t wait to show you what we have in store for v1.9 and beyond…

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