Fun with Palettes

With every new clock face comes a new palette. Today I spent most of the day finalizing a few palettes for the upcoming Circus face.

Palettes for the Circus numbers

I found a nice tool to help organize and output the colors I want to use. It’s called Pastel and is available on the macOS App Store. You can read more about it and what it does over there if you are interested in the tools.

After poking at it for a while and getting feedback from people all over the place, these palettes are the ones and the names I finally settled on. A few examples of the actual clock face rendered in the new palettes are shown below:

This is the Wallaby palette.

Circus Face, Wallaby setting

This is the Cowboy Boots palette.

Circus Face, Cowboy Boots setting

This is the Haunted Mansion palette.

Circus Face, Haunted Mansion setting

I expect the full Circus clock face to be released, along with a few seasonal goodies, around the beginning of October.